Adjustable Swing Path Improver


P2I Swing Path Improver. Black/grey/red. Sturdy construction, easy setup. Fully adjustable for height and guide bar position. Provides immediate feedback if swing is out-to-in (slice) or in-to-out (hook). Also provides functionality to guide proper swing plane and helps prevent swaying. Material: 45% ABS, 20% foam,35% PP. Packed in colorbox.
P2I100310, EAN: 8719033335431



Get rid of your slice for good with the Pure2Improve Swing Path Improver. This golf accessory is designed around a pair of adjustable guide pads, which both encourage a correct in-to-in swing path for straight shots and provide immediate feedback on out-to-in (slicing) and in-to-out (hooking) swing paths. It's the perfect tool for golfers who are struggling to correct serious flaws in their swing without spending thousands of dollars on instruction. Also designed to guide a golfer's swing plane to prevent swaying, the sturdy Swing Path Improver offers both angle and height adjustments and sets up easily. P2I100310, EAN: 8719033335431