Balance board


P2I Balance Board. Black/red, diameter: 35cm, height: 7cm. Adjustable heights for easy, medium and hard work-outs. Ideal for efficient coordination, mobility skills, conditioning and strength training. Optimally suited for balance and equilibrium exercises. Material: 100% PP. Packed in colorbox.
P2I200400, EAN: 8719033335141



Core control is very important when it comes to fitness. While building your core strength you'll find that your motor skills and stamina will also increase, along with your coordination and reaction times. The Pure2Improve Balance board is ideal for recovery from injury or operation, fitness classes, aerobics and yoga. Various training programs help support daily exercise and fitness. The non-slip surface ensures secure foot placement giving you the confidence to improve your skills. The balance board is constructed of solid, hardened plastic, diameter of 35 cm. You feel self assured that this will help you improve, whatever your goals are. P2I200400, EAN: 8719033335141