Fun Hoop Training


P2I Fun Hoop training. adjustable height 180 - 215 cm, easily to move on it's built-in wheels. backboard size 59x84x3cm, spring action break-away rim, diameter ball 17,8 cm. indoor or outdoor, the P2I Fun Hoop training can be used anywhere. fill the base with sand or water. Material: 46% metal, 37,9% plastic. Packed in colorbox.
P2I100230, EAN: 8719033335356



The Fun Hoop training is the closest you'll get to a professional training set up, with the backboard modeled on the ones the NBA uses. The heavy-duty acrylic basketball backboard is virtually unbreakable, provides fantastic bounce and houses a spring mounted 'breakaway' rim, which is able to withstand far more pressure than welded rims, making it perfect for slam dunking the hoop. Using a simple crank system, conveniently placed on the bottom section of the basketball stand, allows you to adjust the freestanding basketball hoop to a height between 180 cm and 215 m. The durable base, which houses the stand, can be moved on two wheels, allowing you to situate the adjustable basketball stand in a desired location. Once found, you can fill the base with water or sand to ensure it's safe, secure and provides a perfect set up to show off your hoop shooting prowess. Suitable for either indoor or outdoor play, the Fun Hoop training provides a perfect set up for basketball fans, seasoned players and semi pros to practice or shoot hoops with friends. P2I100230, EAN: 8719033335356