Jump Rope Medium


P2I Jumprope Medium. Red, 700 gram, 2.7 meter. It has anti-slip foam grip handles that are comfortable and keep you from having to readjust your hands frequently, regardless of how sweaty your hands may be. The product works for adults and school-aged children. Packed in colorbox.
P2I200160, EAN: 8719033335882



Did you know that jumping rope burns from 800 to 1000 calories per hour? The Pure2Improve Jumprope Medium is perfect for boxing, crossfit WOD, high intensity speed jumping, MMA training, and bodybuilding. It provides an effective tool to increase cardiovascular endurance and improve muscle tone. This rope can be used for double-unders, skips, side jumps, jog in place or crossovers. P2I200160, EAN: 8719033335882

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