Massage Roller Soft


P2I Roller Soft. Yellow/black, 36x14cm, 600gram, max. weight load: 200kg. Can be used in multiple ways from sports massage to a full core body workout. The P2I roller features 2 zones with different patterned grooves. Simply roll over the bumps for your own personalized sports massage. Also great for pilates, yoga and gym classes. Packed in color sleeve.
P2I200010, EAN: 8719033335738



The Pure2Improve Foam Roller Soft is a versatile piece of kit. It can be used in multiple ways from sports massage, and muscle rehabilitation, to a full core body workout. The roller features 2 zones that are designed to work better than a standard flat foam roller. The zones help to channel blood and oxygen through to the muscles and create elasticity in the muscle, delivering a precision massage. The roller can also be used for a total core body workout. Designed for all types of people, and all types of uses. STATS Measuring 36cm in length and 14cm in diameter. Constructed from EVA foam with a hardened plastic inner tube. Designed for constant use without breaking down. Weighing 600 gr, maximum weight load 200 kg. P2I200010, EAN: 8719033335738

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