Medicine ball with rope 6kg


P2I Medicine ball with rope 6kg. Slam balls are effective for athletic training, they improve muscle mass, endurance and hand-eye coordination. Color dark grey/black with pure logo. Packed in colorbox. Material: 98% rubber, 2% nylon.
P2I110090, EAN: 8719407003638



Medicine balls are an important training aid for the athletes of today. The Pure2Improve Medicine balls are ideal for fitness, physiotherapy and personal trainers. With the medicine ball you can simply train different muscles and muscle groups. Training abdomen, back, legs and arms with the medicine ball is very easily. With integrated rope system it is very easy to do a lot of different exercises with only one ball. Ideal for dynamic swings and throwing exercises. The medicine ball has a modified rubber surface for extra grip. The ball allows for comfortable training conditions, keeping your muscles in a safe manner can work as effectively as possible. They are extremely versatile and allow you to decide which exercises you perform and how intensely you train. They can be used for strength training and rehabilitation. With medicine ball training tendons, ligaments and joints get stronger. You use them to develop strength, speed and explosiveness. We offer balls in different weight classes ranging from 2 kg to 6 kg, color coded. 6kg medicine ball, color: grey, diameter: 20cm. P2I110090, EAN: 8719407003638