Multi Functional Suspension Trainer


P2I Suspension Trainer. Black/red. Include 2 strap. Portable suspension trainer gives you the tools to strengthen your chest, back, abdominals, arms and legs. Attaches over door to train anytime, anywhere. Numeric door anchor system for quick and consistent length adjustment and alignment. Material: 10% PP, 50% polyester, 40% plastic. Packed in colorbox.
P2I100170, EAN: 8719033335295



The Pure2Improve Suspension Trainer can be used for intense workouts that translate into better game performance. This unique training system concentrates on strengthening your back, chest, abs, arms and legs with two simple straps. Complete with a numeric door anchor system for quick, consistent length adjustment and alignment, the system also includes padded handles and padded foot/arm harnesses for maximum comfort. It's portable so you can work out almost anywhere and includes a carry bag and two heavy-duty independent straps for wider range of movement and exercises. 2 straps, 1 system, hundreds of exercises. P2I100170, EAN: 8719033335295