P2I Sandbag. Black/red, 4x5kg excl sand 20kg max. The sandbag is made of strong durable nylon material, heavy duty zipper & four heavy duty press studs. The bag has a choice of 4 comfortable handles and 2 grip-handles at each end of the bag. Comes with 4 loadable filler bags, up to 5kg per bag. Material: 40% polyester, 25% PVC, 16% PP, 15% TPE, 3% PEP, 1% kirsite. Packed in colorbox.
P2I200500, EAN: 8719033335288



Sandbag training has been around for a long time as they are very effective and versatile in building and developing core strength and power throughout the upper and lower body. Sandbag training offers the user many different exercise options and are limited only by your imagination - they can also help develop wrist and forearm strength by changing hand position using the various handles provided, 6 in total. The Pure2Improve Sandbag is made of strong durable nylon material with a heavy duty zipper and four heavy duty press studs. The four loadable filler bags each have double Velcro strapping to seal each bag, please note the filler bags are empty when delivered to allow you to customize the weight, maximum load per filler bag is 5kg, and the maximum load for the Sandbag is 20kg. P2I200500, EAN: 8719033335288