Speed Radar


P2I Speed Radar. Still mode speed range: 3 to 150 mph (5 to 199 km/h). Move mode speed range: 25 to 150 mph (40 to 199 km/h). Battery type: 5 pcs AA batteries (batteries not included). Operating Time: without Voice up to 50 working hours, with Voice up to 30 working hours. Operating Temperature Range: 32 – 104F / 0 – 40°C.
P2I120010, EAN: 8719407006592



Pure2Improve Speed Radar. Do you know how fast you really are? The personal sports radar can tell you. Accurately measure the speed you achieve. Measure your performance in most sports such as baseball, hockey, tennis, squash, soccer, football, handball, running, skating and many more. Lightweight and easy to use. Unlike most radars, it does not require a second person to hold it and point on the target. Measures up to 150 mph (199 km/h). With screw-knob so the radar can be fastened on a flat surfaced support stand. Speech function announces speeds. Bright LED display can be easily seen from a distance. Automatic Battery saver - Shuts off after 5 minutes of inactivity to extend battery life. The speed radar will measure the relative speed of a target as it approaches the radar gun. If the target is in a direct line with the radar the measured speed will be exact. As the angle of incidence increases, when you move either right or left of this direct line, the accuracy will decrease. The measured speed will decrease as you move off this centerline. The phenomenon is called the cosine effect. P2I120010, EAN: 8719407006592