Tempo Trainer 48 inch


P2I Tempo Trainer 48 inch. Black/red. Length:122cm. Flexible fiberglass shaft teaches lag and helps eliminate early release. Head weight improves kinetic sequencing in the swing. Strengthens core golf muscles. Durable polyurethane head for frequent use. Great low-impact stretch for pre-round warm-up. Fits easily in golf bag. Shaft length helps flatten the swing. Packed in polybag with headercard.
P2I100330, EAN: 8719033335455



The Pure2Improve Tempo Trainer 48 warm-up and tempo training aid is designed to improve your swing while providing a core muscle workout. The Tempo Trainer encourages a flatter swing plane and forces the downswing to be initiated by the lower body, both of which fight slices. P2I100330, EAN: 8719033335455

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