About Pure

Pure 2 Improve

Pure2Improve is a new player in the rapidly developing worldwide market for fitness and performance equipment. Our vision with Pure2Improve is simple, we help athletes at any level to improve their performance. With Pure2Improve we strive to serve a wide spectre of athletes with an extensive assortment of diverse equipment and accessories.

In line with sustainable international trends, to be summarized as ‘a healthier lifestyle and more exercise’, we believe creation of innovative and distinctive products and services that appeal to consumers, are the key success elements.

Pure2Improve offers a wide range of products for individual athletes, (semi)professional users, physiotherapists, rehabilitation clinics and health center with an extensive assortment of fitness- and cardio-equipment.

Our R&D department is continually improving and developing new products to provide our consumers with a healthy and comfortable lifestyle ensuring enjoyment from your physical exercise. Our products target all age groups and both genders.

All the Pure2Improve products will help you bring your skills to the next level. With products that fit into every part of the training cycle:


A very important benefit of Pure2Improve is that all products are designed to create an explosive, injury resistant athlete. Pure2improve can extend the cycle by delivering functional, easy to use and durable products.

We see that the role of internet as a sales channel grows in many markets. However, the specialized retail sector will continue to play a role in selling high-quality products, which require advice, an explanation of the added value and a well-organized after-sales service. Pure2Improve supports its retail partners with product training, an extensive line of promotional items and, of course, the best products!


About partner QPA

QPA is a company that provides physical therapy and sports performance training to professional athletes and teams. With over ten years of experience we’ve created a clear vision and methadology that has proven itself not only at the professional level but also with amateur and youth athletes. We are always working from the companies core values:


To stay ahead in the game of advancing human performance we do research in collaboration with our specialists. This has led to programmes and products that are proven and seamlessly integrated into QPA’s sports and therapy services. As an example we designed a performance software system that will support the athlete in their training cycle.

For this evidence based and holistic approach we made a structure that seamlessly is implemented into all our programmes. This structure is build up into 3 steps:


Every element of human conditioning is integrated in these steps:


With the right timing, movement technique and training materials the body will adapt to a higher level of performance and injury potential will decrease.

This is why QPA and P2i are the perfect combination for every athlete and team to reach maximal potential in their sport and in life!




About partner ThunderSports

“ThunderSports want the use of compression and underwear to become accessible to more athletes, at any level, by offering high quality products at competitive prices.”



Founded by two Olympians, we understand exactly what an athlete wants and needs. We are able to draw upon our experience in various sports from grass roots to international level and aim to inspire and educate.

Performance wear, such as compression garments and underwear can help athletes to improve their performance all year round. The ThunderSports range ensures optimal protection, no matter what the weather and can also help to prevent injury.