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HC Tilburg

HC Tilburg is a vibrant and sporty club that was formed in 2011 through a merger of two hockey clubs. The men’s team currently competes in the Promotion League, while the women’s team plays in the Premier League. The club’s ambition for both teams is to reach the Premier League and compete for top positions. The club focuses on hockey and striving for the highest goals is central to all its activities. They have a professional team of trainers, coaches, and medical staff to support the selection of players.

In addition to hockey, HC Tilburg has also started to focus on related sports such as padel and boules, both for financial reasons and to promote social diversity. The club also places a strong emphasis on youth and believes that they are the future.

To learn more about HC Tilburg, you can visit their website: www.hctilburg.com

HC Den Bosch

HC Den Bosch is a well-established sports club. The club is known for its open, progressive, and ambitious nature, with a strong focus on community engagement. It is proud of its numerous national titles and excellent facilities.

The club values its members greatly and ensures they are supported by enthusiastic and respectful supporters, as well as dedicated volunteers and sponsors. The club emphasises both participation and excellence in hockey, making it a welcoming environment for players of all levels.

To learn more about Hockeyclub Den Bosch, you can visit their website: www.hcdenbosch.nl


BredaPT is committed to promoting the quality of movement and providing guidance to clients. All their trainers are specialised physiotherapists with extensive experience in guiding clients. They prioritise the quality of movement and work closely with other disciplines within the center to effectively coordinate clients’ trajectories. They value working on a science-based basis and can provide advice on sports, nutrition, lifestyle, and recovery factors. BredaPT offers various approaches to promote a healthier lifestyle and strives to meet clients’ needs in different ways.

They have an extensive range of services, a varied class schedule, and a unique location to create the ideal sports climate. To maintain this sports climate, the trainers at BredaPT work collectively according to a uniform structure, ensuring that the customer’s goals always remain at the center.

To learn more about BredaPT you can visit their website: www.bredapt.nl

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