Pure4Fun has expanded its range and, as you can see, the logo has a new look. One of our newest products is the pickleball set! Pickleball has grown in recent years in the United States and Canada as padel has in Europe. Moreover, pickleball has grown in the Netherlands too as you can play it in more and more places and the number of players is also increasing rapidly (KNLTB, 2024). Not familiar with this racket sport? Keep reading to know more!

What is pickleball?

Ever wondered what happens when you mix badminton, table tennis, and tennis? You get pickleball! Played on a court similar in size to a doubles badminton court, pickleball offers an accessible and inclusive sporting experience for all.

One of the unique features of pickleball is its slower ball speed, making it perfect for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to the game, pickleball welcomes everyone to join in on the fun.

Equipment you’ll need

  • Racket or paddle: A pickleball paddle, similar to an oversized table tennis bat but typically larger, is commonly crafted from lightweight materials like wood, foam, honeycomb polymer cores, carbon, or graphite layers.
  • Pickle balls: Pickle balls are available in various types, tailored for indoor and outdoor play. Ensure you have the appropriate balls for your playing environment.
  • Pickleball net: A Pickleball net is smaller than a tennis net and is available as an easy-to-carry net in a bag that you can easily assemble on location. Fixed net posts, as in tennis, are also available. The height at the center of the net is 91.44 cm and has a recommended length of 670 centimetres so that the net falls slightly outside the court on both sides.

How to play?

Pickleball, a game blending elements from various racket sports, has a unique set of rules. Let’s break it down:

  1. Service: The ball is served underhand, commencing from the right side of the court and directed diagonally to the opposite service box. Players can serve either out of hand or by dropping the ball (not throwing it up) and letting it bounce. During a net service, play proceeds as usual. The receiving side must allow the ball to bounce before returning it, and the serving side must also let the ball bounce before hitting it. Only the third ball may be volleyed without bouncing.
  2. Scoring: Points can only be earned by the serving side. A point is scored if the opponent fails to return the ball, hits it out, neglects to bounce the served ball first, volleys from the non-volley zone, or gets struck by the ball themselves. The game concludes when one side reaches 11 points with a two-point difference.
  3. Service Rotation: Following a scored point, the same individual continues to serve but switches sides. Conversely, if a player loses the point, their teammate takes over the serve from their current position. If they, too, lose the serve, it transfers to the opposite side, starting with the player positioned on the right. Initially, only one player serves, and afterward, they alternate sides.
  4. Singles Play: In singles matches, the serving player begins on the left side when they have an odd number of points and on the right side with an even number.

Understanding the scoring system: The format “1-0-1” indicates that the server has 1 point, the opponent has none, and it’s the first server’s turn.


In conclusion, Pickleball is a dynamic and inclusive sport that combines elements of various racquet sports, offering players of all ages and skill levels a fun and engaging experience. With its straightforward rules, adaptable gameplay, and growing popularity worldwide, Pickleball continues to captivate enthusiasts and foster a sense of community both on and off the court. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner looking for a new challenge, Pickleball offers something for everyone.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day coming up soon, we put together some couple workouts with Pure 2improve gear so you can bring a whole new level of excitement and results to your fitness game! Check out these fun partner workouts that are tailor-made to kick it up a notch with Pure 2improve equipment.

Pro resistance Band Partner Workout

Partner Band Squats

Grab your individual Pure 2Improve resistance bands, and make sure they have enough tension for a good challenge. Stand facing each other, grab each other’s hands and perform the squats simultaneously. Ensure that your form is on point, back straight, chest up, and hips back. As you both rise from the squat, add resistance to the movement by pulling the bands upward, engaging your shoulder and back muscles. It’s a double power effort for those legs and upper body!

Lateral Band Walks

Get ready for a hip-strengthening adventure with Pure 2improve! Wrap the resistance band around each partner’s legs, settling it just above the knees. Now, stand side by side and embark on a journey of lateral steps together. Can you feel that burn? This exercise isn’t just a side-step – it’s a powerhouse move designed to amp up your hip strength and boost your lateral stability. Let’s take those steps and strengthen those hips!

Medicine Ball Partner Challenge

Medicine Ball Pass Sit-Ups

Let’s turn those sit-ups into a Pure 2improve-powered core party! Get comfy on your backs, facing each other, with the Pure 2improve medicine ball in hand. Now, as you crunch up into a sit-up, add a twist – pass that medicine ball to your partner at the peak of the move. Feel it burning!

Partner Medicine Ball Twists

Park yourselves next to each other, knees bent, and feet planted firmly on the ground. Grab a Pure 2improve medicine ball and pass that medicine ball side to side, cranking up the intensity as you twist your torso. Feel the squeeze in your obliques? Then keep up the good work.

Yoga Mat Partner Exercise

Partner Plank Hand Slaps

Get ready for some partner plank fun! Both of you, drop into a plank position on your Pure 2improve yoga mat, facing each other. Now, here’s where it gets interesting – take turns lifting one hand and giving your partner a high-five. Can you feel the teamwork vibes? This isn’t your ordinary plank; it’s a coordination and stability. Engage those core muscles, keep that plank steady, and enjoy the added challenge that comes with a friendly high-five exchange.

Agility Training

Cone Drills with Pure 2improve Agility Cones

Time to get agile with Pure 2improve! Arrange those agility cones in a funky pattern, and let the agility games begin. Take turns playing coach – one partner calls out directions while the other gracefully navigates through the cones, working on agility and coordination.  And here’s a twist: switch roles for a well-rounded workout. With Pure 2improve, every cone becomes a step towards better agility, coordination, and a whole lot of fun. Let the cone games commence!


Remember to prioritize safety and proper form during your workouts. Incorporating Pure 2improve products not only adds variety to your routine but also ensures you’re using high-quality equipment designed for optimal performance. So, grab your Pure 2improve gear, and embark on a fitness journey that strengthens both your bodies and your relationship!

Who is Menno Pelk? He is a PGA A professional at the Rosendaelsche Golf Club. He is specialised in putting and has a high-end indoor putting studio with all known systems. In this blog article, Menno Pelk will give you a masterclass in putting!


Roughly 40% of your strokes per round involve putting, underscoring the significance of investing more time in refining your putting skills to improve overall scores.

This winter, Menno Pelk provides insights into effective practice on the green or mat. When it comes to putting, maintaining a stable grip along your lifeline is crucial. This prevents wrist movements, ensuring consistent club blade rotation and speed. The essence of successful putting lies in achieving and maintaining stability.

Relaxed set up

Your putter sets the stage for everything. Start by getting it lined up right behind the ball, making sure the club face is facing the target. Then, find your address position and grab the putter. Even the pros follow this routine to stay on point. Stay chill and balanced over the ball – a rigid setup messes with the feel and a smooth stroke, the keys to consistent putting. Feeling tension in your body or stroke? You’re probably off-balance, making your muscles tighten up to hold that address position.

Work on enhancing your balance by slightly bending your knees and allowing your arms to hang naturally. Ensure that the putter aligns with your forearms, and your eyes are positioned above the ball. Avoid overcomplicating your setup once you’re in position, as excessive mechanics can be counterproductive. With the putter and your body aligned, the focus shifts to relying on your feel and smoothly rolling the ball towards the hole. Keep it intuitive and avoid overthinking – it’s all about the feel. The Pure 2Improve Golf Putting Mat 3.0 serves as an excellent tool for refining your putting skills, especially when combined with the 12 inches Putting Mirror.

Balance is key

Achieving good ball contact hinges on establishing a sturdy foundation. Maintaining stability is crucial; any lateral movement during the stroke makes it challenging to strike the ball squarely on the clubface. Keep your lower body stable, allowing the upper body to take the lead. Ensure a consistent stance by placing your feet at shoulder width, finding a comfortable position with your legs straight. Push your pelvis back while maintaining a straight back – essentially, stick out your butt and pull in your tail. This technique engages the larger muscles in your thighs, promoting a sense of tightness for better control.

Ensure that your weight is well-balanced between your forefoot and heel, achieving a sense of equilibrium. In this balanced state, you should feel stable enough that a gentle push wouldn’t disturb your position. Capitalize on this solid foundation by making a series of putts. Maintain stability by keeping your lower body steady while allowing your shoulders to rotate during each stroke. Rather than fixating on the outcome, prioritize the stability of your stance and assess each putt based on the quality of ball contact. Once you


In summary, successful putting hinges on a balanced setup and foundation. Prioritize a relaxed setup, aligning your putter meticulously and maintaining balance by softening your knees. Avoid overcomplicating your approach; trust your feel over mechanical precision. Utilize tools like the Pure 2Improve golf putting mat 3.0 and the 12 inches putting mirror for added support.

Additionally, emphasize a stable foundation for consistent ball contact. Keep your lower body steady, feet shoulder-width apart, and weight evenly distributed. Focus on maintaining balance and rotate your shoulders during the stroke. Evaluate each putt based on ball contact consistency rather than immediate outcomes. By incorporating these principles, you’ll refine your putting technique for enhanced accuracy and confidence.

Good luck!

The holiday season is approaching, bringing with it decisions to be made in the realm of healthier choices! Are you familiar with this dilemma? Do you aim to be mindful of your diet or opt for healthier alternatives during festive occasions? Keep reading to gain some inspiration!


Guilt-free breakfast with pure2improve Whey protein.

Start your day with a guilt-free breakfast! The protein fluff strawberry is a heavenly fusion of flavour and protein. It combines the sweetness of strawberries with the power of protein, creating a guilt-free indulgence that supports your nutritional goals. With a light and airy texture, this protein fluff makes for a deliciously satisfying snack or dessert. Indulge your taste buds while nourishing your body with the goodness of Pure2Improve Protein Fluff Strawberry, the perfect blend of taste and nutrition in every spoonful. You only need a bowl, a blender, and a spatula. Follow the steps in the image below!

Hungry for a snack?

Want to grab a snack? Try this Pure2Improve Snack Protein Chip Cookies, a perfect blend of flavour and nourishment. These delectable cookies are a wholesome snack option, crafted to satisfy your cravings without compromising on health. Packed with high-quality protein, these cookies not only excite your taste buds but also provide a convenient and delicious way to meet your daily protein requirements. Elevate your snacking experience with Pure2Improve and savour the goodness of protein in every bite. You will need a bowl, a baking dish, and a mixer. Follow the steps in the image below!

Keep exercising

As the holiday season approaches, it can be tempting to take a break from our regular exercise routines. However, this is precisely the time when maintaining physical activity becomes even more crucial. Amid festive celebrations and indulgent meals, incorporating regular exercise not only helps in managing stress but also contributes to overall well-being. Consider festive activities that involve movement, such as winter walks, family-friendly sports, or even dancing to holiday tunes. Keeping up with your exercise routine not only ensures you stay on track with your fitness goals but also provides a refreshing break from the holiday hustle. We can imagine that going to the gym is a hassle, so Pure2Improve got you covered with some equipment so you can easily exercise at home!


1. Body shaper bands set of 5

You can never go wrong with body shaper bands!

Crafted from premium, long-lasting latex, these bands boast durability and quality. Their compact size makes them perfect for on-the-go fitness enthusiasts, easily fitting into your travel bag or workout gear. These bands serve as a versatile and efficient training tool, promoting enhanced strength and stability in both the upper and lower body. Tailored for various exercises, they excel in lateral movements, activating the hips and glutes, and contributing to shoulder stabilization. Embrace these bands as an ideal companion for achieving a well-rounded and effective workout routine.

2. Neoprene dumbbell.

This neoprene dumbbell is ideal for a total body workout. Perfect for home use, it effectively strengthens various muscle groups. Additionally, it’s an excellent choice for aerobics, gymnastics, or group fitness sessions at the gym. The soft rubber non-slip top layer ensures a secure and comfortable grip during your exercises. With a variety of options, this dumbbell is available in 8 different colours, each representing a distinct weight for your fitness needs.

3. Soft handgrips medium.

Experience the benefits of the Pure2Improve handgrips designed with a robust 4 mm spring thickness providing a 10 or 20 kg resistance. Enhance your hand, arm, and forearm strength with these reliable hand exercise tools. The durable spring coil ensures effective resistance, while the soft foam handles offer a comfortable grip as you squeeze them together. Not only do these handgrips contribute to physical strength, but they also serve as an excellent stress reliever, making them a versatile addition to your fitness routine!

Hopefully these protein meals and some fitness equipment it will push you through the holidays.

So, let the holiday spirit inspire you to keep moving and prioritize your health throughout the festive season!

Introducing two essential tools for enhancing your golf game. The half dome XL instant golf net’s sturdy design and comprehensive features is your go-to solution for honing your skills. Pair it with the hittable tempo trainer 44inch, to perfect your swing rhythm and consistency. Compact and efficient, it’s the ideal training companion for any golf enthusiast.

Hittable tempo trainer

Want to improve your swing tempo and consistency? Keep reading if you want to know how our product is going to help you with this!

Revolutionize your golf game with the game-changing Hittable tempo trainer! Enhance your club face awareness and perfect your swing with our all-in-one training solution. This 44-inch trainer in sleek black and red is designed to enhance your rhythm and timing. Here are some features of the product that make you want this product during your golf training!

  • Outstanding warm-up tool: Get your game face on with the exceptional warm-up tool, a must-have for pre-practice, pre-round, and even the 1st Tee, ensuring you stay on top of your game right from the get-go.
  • Club face/head awareness: See and feel club head position throughout swing, especially at impact.
  • All-in-on swing trainer: Easy to hit, but not easy to hit well, the PUREHITT exposes swing flaws, then leverages the warm-up and swing improvement benefits of a weighted whippy swing trainer with hittability to improve ball striking and lowers scores.
  • Two-face club head: Design delivers symmetry and balance for both righties and lefties.
  • Replaceable grip: Replace the grip with your preferred grip or if worn out. We always encourage replacement by certified grip technicians.
  • Introductory video: How to use it? Watch the following video!

Half Dome XL Instant golf net

This super-sized high-quality instant golf net is for players that are serious about practice and seeking portability. Set up and break down your driving range or chipping session in seconds with the Pure2Improve Half Dome XL instant golf net! It only takes 1 minute to set it up and 1 minute to take it down. It is super steady due to the steel and fiberglass poles and it includes an impact screen, chipping net with 5 holes, ground pegs and a carry bag.

Here are some features of the golf net that is worth to mention.

  • Instant tent-style top connector mechanism: Four folding telescoping legs
  • Free-hanging hitting net with bottom weights: Quick, easy attachment. Net stays down in wind.
  • Sloped floor: Easy front of net ball retrieval
  • X-wide base: Helps capture more wayward shots
  • Easy to learn set-up & take-down: Watch the following video how it takes 1 minute to set it up and 1 minute to take it down!

In conclusion, these two essential tools, the Half Dome XL instant golf net and the Hittable tempo trainer 44inch, serve as the perfect combination for refining and perfecting your golfing skills. With the robust construction of the half dome XL Instant golf net and the precision-focused hittable tempo trainer 44inch, these products are tailored to elevate your skills and ensure a consistent and effective training experience for golf enthusiasts of all levels. Embrace the journey of mastering your swing and enhancing your overall game with these essential training companions by your side!

Are you a fitness enthusiast who loves to stay active even when the temperatures drop? Look no further than Pure2Improve for the perfect cold-weather running gear that not only keeps you warm but also ensures your safety during those dark evening workouts. Let’s dive into two fantastic products that will enhance your outdoor training experience!

Stay connected and warm with Pure2Improve’s running smart touch gloves

When it comes to running in the cold weather, Pure2Improve’s running smart touch gloves are your go-to solution. Available in a trendy pink colour, these gloves offer warmth and connectivity.

These gloves are designed to keep your hands warm during your chilly outdoor runs. Made from insulating material, they provide the warmth you need to conquer those brisk mornings and evenings.

What sets these gloves apart is their smart touch technology. With special material on the thumb and index finger, you can effortlessly use your smartphone without removing your gloves. Change your music, track your run, or respond to messages without missing a step!

Pure2Improve reflective LED running vest: Stay visible, stay safe

Safety should always be a top priority when you’re working out in the evening or early morning hours, especially during the darker months. Pure2Improve’s reflective LED running vest is designed to make you visible and minimize risks during your night-time workouts, keeping you safe and secure.

This high-visibility vest is a game-changer for those who love evening runs or night-time activities. It’s equipped with three functions: steady, slow blink, and fast blink, allowing you to choose the level of visibility that suits your environment and preferences. One size fits most, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for everyone.

Whether you’re jogging through your neighbourhood, taking a walk with your dog, cycling, or other night-time activities, the Pure2Improve Reflective LED Running Vest is your ticket to staying visible and safe

In conclusion, when it comes to staying active in cold conditions and low-light situations, Pure2Improve has you covered. With the Pure2Improve running smart touch gloves you will stay connected and warm, while the Reflective LED running vest ensures your visibility and safety. Don’t let the weather or the time of day stop you from achieving outdoor activity goals. Embrace the cold and the dark with Pure2Improve’s top-quality gear, and keep pushing your limits!


Pure2improve Athlete spotlight Denise Kielholtz

Denise Kielholtz, also known as Miss Dynamite is a Dutch female Muay Thai kickboxer and mixed martial artist, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has been competing professionally since 2004 and made her professional MMA debut at Torarica Summer Fights 1 in October 2015. She is also six times World Champion in Kickboxing, two times Dutch Champion in Judo, a Thai Boxing World Champion, and an MMA Fighter. Additionally, she is the ambassador of BRUTE. BRUTE offers high-quality combat sports equipment that is compact but with a complete collection. Together with Denise, BRUTE developed this new boxing line.

Can you introduce yourself?
I am Denise Kielholtz, 34 years young and living in Amsterdam.

What do you do?
I am a professional martial arts athlete.

What does your sports career look like?
I once started judo as a 9-year-old girl. Until I was 15 years old, I won 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal, and 2 bronze medals at the Dutch championships. Then I started kickboxing at the age of 17, and I became 6 times world champion. I made a switch to Mixed Martial arts 5 years ago, and I am working hard to achieve my dream of being the first woman to be both the kickboxing and MMA champion in 1 organization. With hard work, I believe this goal can be achieved.

How many times a week do you train?
I train 6 days a week, and in competition preparation, I train 2 or sometimes 3 times a day.

What does your training day look like?
In the morning, I start with my mental training. Meditation, visualizing, and reading educational books. Then my morning workouts vary in strength/conditioning, ground workouts, wrestling, and kickboxing. The evening training in competition preparation is usually a complete MMA workout or sparring.

Are there any specific dietary restrictions or considerations you have as an athlete?
I fight in the flyweight division, which is up to 57 kg. I normally run around 62 kg. So I always have to lose around 5 kg before my competition. I also try to maintain a weight of 5 kg maximum in my off-season, because I know how tough it gets otherwise to drop the 57 kg before a competition. That’s why I’m actually always working on my nutrition. I don’t eat too many carbs, and I’m always balancing my eating patterns with each other. So I do eat some bread but I don’t eat rice or potatoes in the evening, so it changes often. So I’m actually working on my nutrition 24/7.

How do you approach your diet and nutrition during competition season versus off-season?
When I’m in the off-season, I treat myself to a cheat day every weekend. Then I don’t pay attention to what I eat for a while. But once I’m in my fight camp, then the cheat days are out of question and I avoid fats and sugars as much as possible.

Do you use sports nutrition, if so, what?
I use, protein shakes, extra vitamin supplements, and occasionally a pre-workout.

And why this brand (Pure2improve)?
The name says it all, the product is Pure. Pure with the right ingredients that my body needs to present optimally. No unnecessary sugars and Pure proteins that make my body stronger in all areas.

Do you notice any difference in your sports performance/training since using Pure2Improve nutrition?
Since using it, I noticed that I recover faster after a workout, have more energy left, and in terms of muscle building and recovery, I see strong results.

Would you recommend your friends/family to buy Pure2Improve nutrition?
Do you want to strengthen your body, in the purest way possible in all areas? Then I recommend everyone to use this product to get stronger!

Summer break! What are your plans? Going on vacation? Or staycation? Pure4Fun got you covered for this summer! Step aboard the wondrous world of Pure4Fun, where the gentle dance of water and the thrill of adventure intertwine seamlessly.

Get ready to set sail in the Pure4Fun Xpro Catam-Air 285 – A boat that brings together durability, versatility, and endless excitement! This one is perfect for true adventurers who enjoy being active outdoors on the water. This boat is made for both fresh and saltwater adventures, whether you prefer the serene calm of a peaceful lake or the exhilarating vastness of the open ocean. Since it’s inflatable, it makes it easier to take it with you on a road trip, to your nearest lake, beach, or canal!

But that’s not all. With the option to add an electronic outboard motor (not included), you can take your boating experience to the next level. Imagine effortlessly gliding through the water, propelled by the perfect blend of nature and technology. You can also bring your fishing rod to catch some fish while you’re sailing, perfect right?

The boat is fun for all ages and is big enough to bring 4 people aboard. Enough space for you and your adventurous crew! One of the remarkable features of this boat is its resilience in the face of challenging conditions. Whether you’re faced with strong winds, high waves, or craving a thrilling speed rush, the Xpro Catam-Air 285 is up for the challenge. It is also long-lasting and easy to maintain thanks to the sturdy PVC material. Also with a maximum load capacity of 400 kg, you can bring along all your gear and essentials for a day of fun and exploration.

So, grab your friends, gear up for an adventure, and let the Xpro Catam-Air 285 be your ticket to unforgettable moments on the water. Get ready to make waves, create memories, and explore the boundless possibilities that await you!

Nutrition is the cornerstone of athletic performance, and Pure2Improve understands the importance of fuelling your body with the right nutrients to reach your fitness goals. In this blog, we will explore Pure2Improve’s range of nutrition essentials, including whey protein, Vegan protein, creatine, iso tonic, pre-workout supplements, and essential amino acids. These products are designed to support your training, enhance recovery, and maximize your overall performance.

Whey Protein: Power-Packed Recovery Fuel

Whey protein is a complete protein derived from milk that contains all nine essential amino acids. It is quickly absorbed by the body, making it an ideal post-workout supplement to support muscle repair and growth. Pure2Improve’s whey protein provides a high-quality protein source, rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which can aid in muscle recovery, promote lean muscle mass, and enhance strength gains.

Vegan Protein: Plant-Based Performance Booster

For athletes following a plant-based or vegan lifestyle, Pure2Improve offers Vegan protein. Made from pea, Vegan protein provides a complete amino acid profile and is easily digested. It offers similar benefits to whey protein, supporting muscle recovery, and promoting lean muscle growth without compromising dietary preferences.

Creatine: Amplify Strength and Power

Creatine is a naturally occurring compound found in small amounts in meat and fish. It plays a vital role in providing energy for high-intensity activities by replenishing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body’s primary energy source. Pure2Improve’s creatine supplement can increase strength, power, and endurance, allowing you to push harder during training sessions and maximise your athletic performance. Creatine also can contribute to faster recovery after an intense workout. For example, creatine can help replenish glycogen faster and ensure less muscle damage after exercise. It can also contribute to faster recovery of muscle strength.

Iso Tonic: Rehydrate and Replenish Electrolytes

Proper hydration is crucial for maintaining performance and preventing dehydration. Pure2Improve’s Iso Tonic is a refreshing electrolyte drink formulated to rehydrate and replenish vital minerals lost through sweating. Packed with essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium, Iso Tonic helps restore fluid balance, support muscle function, and improve endurance during intense workouts or competitions, but also sports such as golf.

Pre-Workout: Energise Your Performance

Pre-workout supplements are designed to enhance focus, energy, and endurance during training sessions. Pure2Improve offers pre-workout formulas that contain a combination of key ingredients like caffeine, beta-alanine, and citrulline malate. These ingredients work synergistically to increase alertness, delay muscle fatigue, and improve blood flow, allowing you to train at a higher intensity and optimise your workouts.

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs): Building Blocks for Recovery

Essential amino acids (EAAs) are the building blocks of protein and are crucial for muscle repair, recovery, and growth. Pure2Improve’s EAA supplements provide a balanced blend of all nine essential amino acids, including the three BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine). EAAs can be consumed pre, intra, or post-workout to support muscle protein synthesis, reduce muscle breakdown, and accelerate recovery.


Pure2Improve offers a comprehensive range of nutrition essentials designed to fuel your athletic journey. Whether you choose whey protein or vegan protein for muscle recovery, creatine for strength and power, iso tonic for hydration, pre-workout supplements for enhanced performance, or essential amino acids for optimal recovery, Pure2Improve has you covered. These products, combined with a well-balanced diet and proper training, can help you unlock your potential, reach your fitness goals!

We, at BredaPT, just received the brand new Olympic Barbell from Pure2Improve which was recently added to their assortment, and we cannot wait to test it out!

We always try to give our clients the best experience possible. We test a lot of products and can say that a great deal of barbells have passed through our hands. When we unboxed the product, we were happily surprised by its striking design. We believe quality is of the utmost importance, but a design that screams quality makes us quite happy too.


So let’s talk about the quality of the barbell. The brushed metal coating looks cool and robust, while the fine grip and the logo applied on both ends offer the perfect finishing touches. The bearings with which the barbell is equipped ensure that the barbell rotates properly, smoothly and silently during the training. Finally, the 50mm ends rotate separately from the bar which minimises the risk of injury.

The barbell is 220 cm (86,6 inch) long and weighs 20 kg (45 lbs) while the sleeve has a diameter of 28 mm, is made for 50 mm plates and can support a maximum weight of 350 kg; in other words, the product meets all the requirements to fit the description of an Olympic barbell. The barbell can be used for Olympic weight lifting, power lifting and bodybuilding as well as other weight lifting sports.


After having extensively tested the Olympic Barbell, we are happy to say that we are very satisfied with this new Pure2Improve product! So, if you are looking for an Olympic Barbell for your professional or home gym, this product is definitely  one to be reckoned on.

We wish you a lot of fun with your workout, and in case you need some training inspiration, check out our favourite exercises on the images in this post!


Looking for more ways to fitness at Home? Check out our Youtube channel for all kinds of ways to improve:
Click here to view our Pure 2Improve videos

Yoga has several benefits for everyday life. Flexibility, better mind-body connection, increased strengths and confidence are just a few of them. If you have a stressful life and you find the time to stop and practice yoga you will see the long-term benefits. Yoga can be practiced anywhere, and many people prefer to start with yoga as a morning routine at home. So we’ll help you with 5 steps to start practicing yoga at home.



Find a peaceful place and put on some relaxing music if you like. First, create a corner where no one can disturb you during the exercise.


One of the best things about yoga is: it doesn’t require a lot of equipment. However, a yoga mat and yoga block are very useful from the beginning.


A private online lesson is the best way to get more motivation for practice and to make sure you know how to do each pose correctly. However, you can also follow YouTube videos with yoga instructions if you prefer. If you do this, pay extra attention to your poses yourself.


Commit your schedule and stick to it. Creating an effective routine comes with commitment. Block 15-20 minutes in your schedule every morning or evening. That’s all you need to start practicing yoga at home.


Choosing different types of yoga can be challenging for beginners. Starting with simple and short exercises is very important to avoid any injuries. If you experience any pain during the poses, that’s a sign to stop. Only do what’s comfortable and safe.

If you are ready to take the next step in your yoga practice, then this next section is for you.


Practicing yoga every day for 15-20 minutes in your own home can make a big difference. Start your day with the perfect vibe and mood. Breathing exercises will guide you to be in the present moment and release any stress from your life.

Using the yoga wheel for beginners can be a challenging but effective way to improve your strength and balance. Yoga wheels are beneficial in many ways. They help you with an advanced stretch for your body and help to step into more complex yoga poses. The exercise with the wheel requires more concentration and focus, so it helps you to achieve your next level in yoga.

If you have back problems or other injuries, you need to be gentle and listen to your body when you try each position. If you begin to feel any pain it’s a sign to come out of the pose. Always listen to your body.

The following exercises are great for beginners to start to use the yoga wheel and get more confident.


Looking for more ways to start practicing yoga at Home? Check out our Youtube channel for all kinds of ways to improve:
Click here to view our Pure 2Improve videos

Golf is a game where practicing every day is necessary to play consistently. There are many ways to practice and improve your golf game at your home too. The off-season is the right time to improve your game in different areas. The short game is the easiest part to improve indoors but there are other options to try to get better overall. Let us show you our top 5 ways to improve your golf game at home.


One of the best ways to practice golf at home is to work on putting. You only need a putting mat and are ready to work on distance and control of the putter face. There are many types of rugs and mats of different lengths and sizes available in the market. Consistency is the key, if you practice every day and set up a routine you will see the result on your score.


One of the most important areas of the game you can practice at home is chipping. A simple target, chipping nets can be useful to check and improve your aiming and distance control. There are many drills to practice for example towel drill and focus on your technique. Most golfers can improve their scores by improving their short games very fast.


One of the most effective ways to practice your tempo is a speed control tool. It is a helpful exercise to do at home if you have enough space for it. This training tool is an excellent way to warm up for golf or just get the right tempo before or during the round. Practicing golf at home can be effective if you do it every day with the right equipment. Nowadays many golf pros provide online lessons and help to achieve swing goals from home.


Some people think golf does not require much physical activity, but it is not true. An average golfer burns 350 calories per hour on the golf course when walking. The better your physical performance is the easier to play good golf. If your general strengths are not at a good level, you have a higher risk for injuries. Proper warm-up routines and strength exercises are important to stay in good shape for your golf game. Especially in the off-season, the best way to get better in golf is improving core strength, flexibility, and balance.


Reading golf books and watching golf videos can be helpful for your game, but there are more options to improve. We all know golf is a mental game where you need to switch on and off your focus for hours. Meditation and breathing exercises can help you to learn how to handle stressful situations at the golf course. Breathing is the key to getting back to the present moment and controlling your focus as well. If you forget about the past mistakes and do not think about the future shots or scores is the key to playing with a free mind.


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