Couple workouts with Pure 2Improve!

In celebration of Valentine’s Day coming up soon, we put together some couple workouts with Pure 2improve gear so you can bring a whole new level of excitement and results to your fitness game! Check out these fun partner workouts that are tailor-made to kick it up a notch with Pure 2improve equipment.

Pro resistance Band Partner Workout

Partner Band Squats

Grab your individual Pure 2Improve resistance bands, and make sure they have enough tension for a good challenge. Stand facing each other, grab each other’s hands and perform the squats simultaneously. Ensure that your form is on point, back straight, chest up, and hips back. As you both rise from the squat, add resistance to the movement by pulling the bands upward, engaging your shoulder and back muscles. It’s a double power effort for those legs and upper body!

Lateral Band Walks

Get ready for a hip-strengthening adventure with Pure 2improve! Wrap the resistance band around each partner’s legs, settling it just above the knees. Now, stand side by side and embark on a journey of lateral steps together. Can you feel that burn? This exercise isn’t just a side-step – it’s a powerhouse move designed to amp up your hip strength and boost your lateral stability. Let’s take those steps and strengthen those hips!

Medicine Ball Partner Challenge

Medicine Ball Pass Sit-Ups

Let’s turn those sit-ups into a Pure 2improve-powered core party! Get comfy on your backs, facing each other, with the Pure 2improve medicine ball in hand. Now, as you crunch up into a sit-up, add a twist – pass that medicine ball to your partner at the peak of the move. Feel it burning!

Partner Medicine Ball Twists

Park yourselves next to each other, knees bent, and feet planted firmly on the ground. Grab a Pure 2improve medicine ball and pass that medicine ball side to side, cranking up the intensity as you twist your torso. Feel the squeeze in your obliques? Then keep up the good work.

Yoga Mat Partner Exercise

Partner Plank Hand Slaps

Get ready for some partner plank fun! Both of you, drop into a plank position on your Pure 2improve yoga mat, facing each other. Now, here’s where it gets interesting – take turns lifting one hand and giving your partner a high-five. Can you feel the teamwork vibes? This isn’t your ordinary plank; it’s a coordination and stability. Engage those core muscles, keep that plank steady, and enjoy the added challenge that comes with a friendly high-five exchange.

Agility Training

Cone Drills with Pure 2improve Agility Cones

Time to get agile with Pure 2improve! Arrange those agility cones in a funky pattern, and let the agility games begin. Take turns playing coach – one partner calls out directions while the other gracefully navigates through the cones, working on agility and coordination.  And here’s a twist: switch roles for a well-rounded workout. With Pure 2improve, every cone becomes a step towards better agility, coordination, and a whole lot of fun. Let the cone games commence!


Remember to prioritize safety and proper form during your workouts. Incorporating Pure 2improve products not only adds variety to your routine but also ensures you’re using high-quality equipment designed for optimal performance. So, grab your Pure 2improve gear, and embark on a fitness journey that strengthens both your bodies and your relationship!